Wholesaler of standard fasteners and producer of threaded rods

Biggest producer

We are the largest producer of threaded rods in the Czech Republic.

Within 24h

We will handle your inquiries and orders within 24 hours, usually even faster.

7,000 tons

We have over 7,000 tons of goods and material on more than 12,000 pallet locations.

Deliveries within EU

We normally deliver all over Europe, exceptionally even to more distant places in the world.

Quality control

There is a quality control system for our own products and imported   goods as well.

What's new with us


Studs - from the M4 x 16mm
Construction screws now in white zinc
Custom production

Talk about a custom-made product

We are a leading European manufacturer of custom-made fasteners. Choose the materials and their quality according to your needs. Send a drawing or ask for partial production.

About the Company

30 years of experience and development

We have been here for you since 1995, when we rented the first halls for the production of threaded rods. Each subsequent year has been a milestone for us until now. We became the leading European manufacturer of custom-made fasteners. This obliges us to continuous development and improvement of technologies.


In October 2022, we produced these bolts with a rolled M64 thread according to DIN 2510 with a square at the end to Belgium.

We also produce large number of nuts according to specific requirements, these are bronze trapezoidal thread nuts according to the drawing in 2013.

In 2007, we produced Tr14 stainless steel rods with a machined hexagon with an internal thread at the end for a Slovak company.

In 2014, we produced special M120 cap nuts with M48 thread at the top for a customer in Canada.

In March 2023, we produced 2m rods with a rolled trapezoidal thread with machining and a socket at one end for a German company.

During 2015, we delivered these galvanized trapezoidal low nuts Tr70x10 to Austria.

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