Studs - custom production

One of our strengths is the custom manufacturing of threaded rods and bolts with threads on one or both ends. With a large stock of various materials and a number of powerful machines, we are able to satisfy even the most demanding customers at short notice.

  • Studs with full thread in lengths directly according to customer request.
  • Studs with thread at one end.
  • Studs with threads at both ends.
  • For the production of studs we offer various materials, mechanical properties and final surface finish upon customer request.
  • We provide a high quality guarantee for our products.
  • We also supply studs to the automotive industry.

We have expanded our possibilities for studs custom production again. Nowadays, we can produce custom-made full-thread studs with short delivery and also with a goods price ...

  • starting with dimension M4.
  • and length 16mm.
  • The information leaflet can be viewed HERE.

In your request, please specify as precisely as possible the type/type, diameter, length, other dimensions, material, surface finish, marking requirements, number of pieces and whether it is a one-off or a continuous purchase.

Studs DIN 2510

Often studs are produced according to DIN 2510, also called reduced shank bolts. It is a special stud with metric thread at both ends. We do not have these studs in stock normally, but we are able to produce them, especially large or unusual sizes, often also from special materials.

For enquiries and technical questions please contact us in the REQUEST section, by e-mail or by phone, we will be happy to advise you.

svornik 2510vykres svorniku

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