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Our company uses a system for marking products and goods with a barcode. For labeling, we use the most common method: GTIN-13 / EAN-13.

It is a linearly encoded 13-digit numerical code. You can see a preview of one such barcode label in the image to the right.

Goods packed in boxes have been marked with barcodes for a long time. We have moved significantly in the number of marked items and we are still working on further improvements, especially in the area of anchor elements and carpentry fittings. And also for the threaded rods themselves, where we mark both the entire pallets and the individual sub-packs on the pallet, if they are dimensions that are packed in smaller packages (approx. up to size M20).

A table of our items with barcodes can be downloaded under the "EAN codes" button below.

EAN codes - Download

If you have any other questions about introducing our codes into your system or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

The barcode system is managed globally by GS1

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