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Delivery dates

We ensure the delivery of goods in the shortest possible terms according to the customer's wishes. All items in the price list are normally in stock. If ordered before 10:00 a.m., the goods can be shipped the same day. Of course, it always depends on the nature of the order and the current situation with both the unloading capacity and the capacity of the carriers. In some cases, it is possible to arrange for removal and dispatch of the goods on the same day or later, but in other cases it is the other way around. Of course, we always try to satisfy our customers as much as possible. Carriers then usually deliver shipments within 24 hours of dispatch within the entire Czech Republic and within 48 hours in neighboring states.


We sell screws, nuts, washers, screws and other standard fasteners only in whole packages (approx. 4 - 5 kg box). The number of pieces in small and large packaging listed in the price list or on the website may differ, for example when the supplier changes. The numbers in the package are always indicative only.


You can find the prices in our price list, which we can send to you on request in both electronic and printed form. Possible volume discounts are listed on the front page. Shipping included in the price and discounts according to the volume ordered are determined based on the volume actually delivered. A price list issued with validity from a certain date is always valid until a new price list is issued. During the year, we adjust the prices by publishing a new price list approximately every three months. If the price list is valid from a certain date, all orders received after the end of the working hours of the previous working day are already processed according to the new price list. Prices subject to change.

Alternatively, you can also get a special offer from our traders, especially for larger orders. For these offers, do not hesitate to contact us at the given e-mails and phone numbers.

The costs of internet connection or telephone calls are of course borne by the consumer himself. Our telephone line is charged at the standard telephone rate.

Method of payment

In the case of an order from a new company or a person with whom we have no business experience, purchases are made by cash on delivery (in cash) or in the form of an advance invoice (payment in advance by bank transfer). Some forwarding services allow payment by card, but it is better to ask the carrier directly about this option. In the case of personal collection of goods from us, payment in cash is required, we are not equipped to pay by card.

Established customers can, upon agreement, make payments by bank transfer with a specified maturity.


We deliver goods from our warehouse in Všetaty. The transport of goods for us is provided by transport companies, for example DPD (packages) and DACHSER (pallets). These are large and reliable suppliers of transport services with a delivery success rate of over 98% according to the agreement. In the event of any damage to the shipment, we recommend that you always take over the goods with a reservation on the delivery note, so that we can make a claim against the carrier for the damage caused. Then report missing or damaged goods directly to us, preferably in writing (by e-mail or fax) and as soon as possible.

Before delivery, you will receive an e-mail from us with the documents and, if applicable, a notification of the overdue amount, if the payment is made in this way. Please prepare for this fact so that the shipment can be delivered without any problems and additional costs for a possible second delivery of the goods do not arise. Unfortunately, the driver is not required to have change with him, so we ask that you be sensitive and accommodating if it is necessary to exchange larger bills.


We deal with complaints individually and try to accommodate our customers as much as possible. Try to report missing or damaged goods to us in writing or by phone immediately after receiving the goods or as soon as possible after checking them. Complaints sent after 14 days or more after receiving the goods are difficult to trace and therefore cannot be proven or disproved. In such cases, the claim may not be recognized.

For enquiries and technical questions please contact us in the REQUEST section, by e-mail or by phone, we will be happy to advise you.

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