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The company Valenta ZT has been operating on the market of fasteners since 1995, since 2008 as a limited liability company. During its existence, the company has become an important supplier for customers in the distribution chain of fasteners and further to engineering, energy, construction and other branches of industry. Valenta ZT's main markets are the Czech Republic and European countries. Most in-stock items ship within one day and domestic customers receive them the next business day.

The supporting assortment of Valenta ZT is standardized connecting material, threaded rods, carpentry fittings, anchor feet, fence parts and trapezoidal threads. Our own production has the capacity for CNC machining, thread rolling, splitting, bending and shaping.

A strong point is the production of rods and shafts with trapezoidal threads, threaded rods with large diameters and lengths, the use of a wide range of materials from non-precious steels to refined high-strength and stainless steels. Typical production runs start with tens of pieces of larger parts and continue to orders involving tens of thousands of pieces. Valenta ZT continuously invests in modern production equipment and quality control system.

Valenta ZT imports a large part of standardized fasteners from Asia. Great attention is paid to the selection of suppliers and the quality of the products is regularly checked.

For enquiries and technical questions please contact us in the REQUEST section, by e-mail or by phone, we will be happy to advise you.

A short video as a company introduction

We have our short presentation video on the YouTube portal, which you can watch under the link below:

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We believe that you were satisfied with us. If you have a moment, you can rate our company on the Firmy.cz server (click on the image):

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